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First Health Advisory is a leading risk management and digital transformation consulting firm dedicated to serving the security, privacy, and IT orchestration and efficiency needs of healthcare. First Health offers managed solutions, programmatic approaches, and flexible service bundles to help organizations achieve their strategic, business, risk, and compliance goals.

The First Difference

Trust is earned through meaningful interactions, informed guidance, and doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. At First Health, relationships are fostered through building trust, a guiding maxim that is ever more important in the field of healthcare security, privacy, and digital transformation.

Our Vision and Approach

Today’s health technology and security initiatives go far beyond the IT department. Risk spans the enterprise, with CISO’s, CMIO’s, CFO’s, clinicians and engineering more invested in and navigating a massive shift in how healthcare is delivered, in how information is protected, the impact on the balance sheet, and how involved patients are in their well being.

Clients are asking these questions:

  • Do you have strategic leaders that will collaborate with us on our vision?
  • How do we ensure our cyber investments show return and value?
  • Can we trust outside parties to secure our assets and protect our customers?
  • Where do we turn for healthcare specific education in security and privacy?
  • What regulatory and policy changes are going to impact how I operate?

Leading practice on how to approach healthcare security through digital transformation will impact resiliency yet uncovering efficiency is still an afterthought. First Health seeks more effective strategies, involving the alignment of an organization’s clinical, technical and security processes with their unique culture and personnel. This alignment occurs through a deep understanding of workflow, technical integration, and an enterprise view of risk management. First Health has the expertise to guide your vision and implement it through innovative solutions, built specifically for healthcare.

Working at First

First Health develops and sustains relationships by delivering dependable, budget sensitive Security, Risk, Clinical, and IT solutions for healthcare. We understand what healthcare entities are facing today as they adapt to value based care delivery. Organizations turn to First Health for guidance as they navigate security concerns, regulatory mandates and interoperability challenges in a care everywhere setting. First works extremely hard to provide our clients with the right advisor for the program, project or role requested. The time we invest in vetting and preparing our personnel saves our clients valuable time and dollars while building trust that we have, and will, provide the ideal solution. The manner in which First addresses and supports our clients interests and concerns is a key discriminator of our organization.

The People of First

  • Accomplished healthcare security and IT professionals that have demonstrated their expertise in the most diverse and innovative healthcare entities in the world.
  • Provide benefit and value throughout the life of the engagement, training or partnership.
  • Solve and support complex cyber risk initiatives, allowing our clients to concentrate their resources on core priorities and business objectives.
  • Deliver actionable plans and value driven outcomes while reducing risk.

Leadership Team

The management team at First Health includes some of the most experienced and talented healthcare business, security, and IT leaders in the industry, who consistently demonstrate the vision necessary for leading a national healthcare advisory organization. Our team separates itself by leveraging a wide network of relationships in areas that strengthen our core security expertise to the ultimate benefit of our clients. Each First manager is focused on solutions that provide our clients expertise in the field and issues driving digital transformation.


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