• Full Spectrum Managed Services

    Security, Digital Asset, IT, SOC, and Vulnerability Programs

    Comprehensive managed and co-managed delivery and outcomes that transform IT & Security programs, personnel, process, and platform capability and maturity

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  • Strategy & Assessment

    Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Business Interoperability

    Establish vision, align business strategy, governance, and controls to baseline and advance capability and maturity in-house and with 3rd parties

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  • Solutions & Technical Design

    System selection, technical design, implementation, and optimization

    Solutions to operationalize technical, infrastructure, data and process, scaling initiatives through implementation, integration, and optimization

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  • Workforce Staffing & Education

    Education, Certification, and dedicated Subject Matter Expertise

    Workforce augmentation and development focused on healthcare security, privacy, risk, IT and digital asset subject matter expert collaboration with your team.

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Advancing Secure and Efficient Healthcare

Digital Health Transformation Value

Risk - Governance - Policy - Compliance

Healthcare domain experience combined with multi-disciplinary risk and efficiency intelligence spanning the continuum of care. Agile solutions spanning strategy and performance to workforce education and end to end managed services.

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Trusted Advisors for Critical Priorities

As disruption drives digital transformation and risk multiplies in a borderless care environment, proven guidance is needed more than ever. First Health’s domain knowledge and deep security, privacy, technology, and regulatory expertise align to form hybrid solutions required to advance secure and efficient healthcare.

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Intel - Announcements and Awareness

Digital Transformation is changing how care is delivered. Security must be embedded in every part of that journey. Carter discusses solutions that deliver value throughout all phases of that process.

First Health Advisory’s Diversity & Inclusion

We value diversity within our workforce. Varied backgrounds and cultural influences provide a rich pool of perspectives that make us holistically better at engaging with our customers and partners. We are dedicated to continually enriching our diverse team and fostering an inclusive culture. We restructured our interview panels ensuring a diverse representation to prospective hires. Our workforce development internship seeks out the untapped talent in underserved areas and populations.

“I am dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture at First Health Advisory. Our initial efforts serve as a foundation for continuous improvement and growth driven by our Diversity & Inclusion Team.”
-Carter Groome, CEO First Health Advisory