Workforce Staffing & Education

Education, awareness, and the ability to develop your workforce to meet the ever changing IT and security needs within your organization are paramount. People still make the biggest impact on securing your enterprise and facilitating efficiency in that process.

Progressive health entity approaches to workforce development that answer the following questions:

  • How do I increase cyber risk and privacy awareness within my entire business ecosystem?
  • What are the most effective methods to educate and maintain security, cyber, risk, and privacy skills within my organization?
  • Where do I go to augment hard to find skills and security staff that understand the business of healthcare?
  • Where do I go if I want my team to get certified in key healthcare security domains?
  • Are there strategies to bring siloed departments together for meaningful security education and awareness?

Security & IT Program Staffing

First Health bolsters its healthcare leading managed solutions with expert security, privacy, GRC, IT, and programmatic level experts to augment your teams when staff levels are low, need to be trained, or there is a specific project or program that needs to be managed.

  • vCISO and Strategic Advisory Fractional, full-time, or strategic CISO or Principal led planning, organizational success, digital transformation, and enterprise risk
  • Technology Platform Experts EHR, CMMS, CMDB, IoMT, XDR, and SIEM
  • Team, Program, or Advisory Engagement Flexible engagement solutions for GRC, network security engineer/analyst, Connected Asset Defense Expert (CADE), Privacy & Data, Vulnerability, Interoperability, NIST, HIPAA, PCI, Integration and Training experts
  • HIT, EHR, Clinical & Business Application Experts First’s foundational experience is based on transformative implementation, integration, and optimization of health information technology

HTM/CE Staffing

The evolution of biomedical devices that require mechanical calibration to complex digital devices with advanced operating systems brings with it the evolution of the Clinical Engineers that support them. Often, clients identify the lack of the advanced clinical engineering personnel required to successfully sustain the security of the assets deployed throughout their enterprise. First Health Advisory maintains a strong “bench” of HTM Program & Project Managers and Clinical Asset Defense Experts. These leaders, in support of your organization can facilitate the mitigation of the risks the medical devices pose to your networks. This specialized staff supports the First Health Advisory’s Vulnerability and Support Managed Services Program in addition to client augmentation needs.

Awareness, Education, & Training

Core security, network, privacy, and program management certifications are a great way to incentivize, education, and develop a strong workforce. First Health teams with CyberVista (Learning Management Platform) to provide healthcare specific security, medical device risk, privacy and programmatic certification prep.


  • Client Classroom Training Healthcare cybersecurity, healthcare privacy, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and Medical Device Risk Management
  • Virtual Classroom Training Healthcare cybersecurity, healthcare privacy, HIPAA, NIST CSF, and Medical Device Risk Management
  • Engagement Cross-Training Targeted, sprint engagements to ensure in-house expertise is prepared for real-world requirements.
  • HIPAA/HITECH/Cures Training Ensure your team is knowledgeable about the legislative elements informing the direction of connected medicine
  • Phishing Simulation With the majority of users on your networks having access to emails, both personal and enterprise, phishing campaigns are a clear and present danger – Ensure the training you deployed is effective by simulating a phishing attack to determine retraining requirements
  • Technical Training First Health Advisory strives to develop your workforce to stand on its own, ensuring they have the technical and tactical competence of our team requires technical training and development (SIEM, SOAR, CMDB, CMMS, Vuln. Management, etc.)

Workforce Development

Security and privacy is a fundamental strategic imperative that underlies Digital Transformation initiatives. The resulting enterprise nature of such efforts require a host of individuals on the board or clinical leadership to departments traditionally not involved in risk management. First Health executive advisors are savvy organizational integration practitioners that align siloed organizational stakeholders to improve all facets of security maturity.

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