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Your organization is facing elevated risk, cost pressures, digital transformation, regulatory scrutiny, mergers & affiliations and increasing consumer engagement. Understanding how information technology, security, and privacy coexist is essential in addressing this complex and changing landscape.

Healthcare leaders must develop and execute an affordable strategy that addresses the following questions:

  • How do we anticipate and respond to critical market drivers?
  • What key risk, security, and IT capabilities support our organization’s clinical operations, business priorities, and organizational vision?
  • Is my organization leveraging the right tools, platforms and resources to achieve our strategic objectives?
  • How do I benchmark progress and develop success measures that show value in our initiatives?
  • What’s the appropriate governance structure for effective IT and Risk Management decision-making and prioritization?
  • How do we strengthen our infrastructure, talent, program management and services support?
  • Is my organization structured and staffed appropriately to deliver on its commitments?
  • How do we keep abreast of regulatory, policy, and compliance changes that impact our business today and into the future?

Vision and Planning

Developing a path to more secure and efficient care requires a holistic view, an alignment with business goals, and consistent communication of the strategy to the enterprise. First Health is led by former healthcare CISO’s, CIO’s, and CTO’s that are astute strategists and are prepared to assist with your planning needs.

  • Strategic Alignment Control and posture review to guide appropriate security and privacy approach
  • Identify Strategic Distinctions Legal, regulatory, environmental, risk tolerance
  • Digital Transformation Confluence Understand how IT, security, and privacy merge in support of business goals
  • Road Map Development Strategy, playbook, control approach, technology stack, personnel plan, and timeline


Assessing your current state security and privacy posture on a consistent basis is not only a leading practice, compliance requires it. Beyond full scope assessments, First Health is versed in assessing key IT, security, risk, and asset management platforms, the teams and individuals that utilize them every day, and the processes meant to streamline workflows.

  • Security and Privacy Review Assess data, technology, personnel, space/facilities, and infrastructure
  • Security and Privacy Policy and Procedure Analysis Review and document gaps in policy, procedure, and assets
  • Privacy Disposition Assessment Consider business model and organizational risk tolerance in context of regulatory concerns (State/US/GDPR/International)
  • Security Program XDR, VMT, IoMT, SIEM, CMMS specific risk assessments and Plans of Action (POAM)

Governance & Policy

As the tools, technology, personnel, and platforms within your organization gain maturity and provide insights, Governance and Policy become critical and central to ongoing value realization and accountability. First Health advisors are experts in security and privacy governance, organizational policy, and government policy.

  • Security Governance Assessment Ensure risk management strategy and vision align with strategic plans
  • Baseline and Benchmark Establish success and performance measures for targeted or enterprise initiatives or programs
  • Policy and Procedure Development Address gaps and capability preparedness
  • Executive and Board Awareness and Reporting Leadership focused presentation, strategic reporting, and business review

Performance Appraisal

Understanding how well the investments your organization have performed is elusive, especially if there are no benchmarks set or you have no context in how other organizations are leveraging technology, resources, or analytics. First Health advisors bring deep security and IT platform knowledge to succinct appraisals that aim to optimize your existing investments.

  • Rapid Current State Analysis Technical, personnel, programmatic or enterprise performance review
  • Short and Medium Range Planning Tactical and strategic guidance in support of mature long term vision
  • Policy and Control Efficacy Swift review of current operations, governance, policies, and tactics
  • Continuous Improvement Opportunity Program and initiative tuning in key risk, security, privacy, interoperability, and IT areas.

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