Tailored Solutions in Support of Your Strategy

Delivering secure and efficient healthcare requires solutions that incorporate an understanding of healthcare operations, workflow, technology and the personnel that act as a bridge to your customer.

Healthcare leaders desire IT and security solutions that produce value and address that following questions:

  • Does the technology we are looking to select integrate from an organizational and technical standpoint?
  • Will the technology we are considering support our business, strategic, and operational goals and for how long?
  • What is the leading practice in infrastructure and design to support an agile and adaptive security and IT program?
  • Does the organization I have implementing critical security platforms understand risk in the healthcare setting, from patient safety, and operational integrity to cyber based risk?
  • What are the optimal approaches to integrating systems and data and is there an ideal sequence to gain visibility?
  • What level of effort is involved in optimizing or operationalizing the tools I now have in place?

System Selection

Selecting the right security technology for your organization is becoming an ever more involved endeavor. First Health is well versed in leading and innovative technologies and leverage a proven selection process and scoring method for optimizing decisions.

  • Vendor Research: Technical capabilities, financial status, market presence, and other key attributes and qualities are evaluated
  • Requirements and Success Scope: Criteria and scoring to identify functionality, solution, cost, and support
  • NIST Alignment: Use case analysis of system to address NIST CSF and meet HIPAA requirements
  • Proof of Concept/Value and Final Recommendations: Full testing, scoring, negotiation and decision coordination

Technical Design

Streamlining security infrastructure, determining redundancies, offboarding inefficient or obsolete technology, and preparing for more nimble platforms is essential.  First Health has the right experience to guide your team through technical requirements and readiness.  

  • Space/Data Center/IT Closet: Strategy, diagrams, design and technical guidance for space and architecture requirements
  • ISP, Telecommunications, and Edge Security Stack: Develop security first schemes and requirements
  • IP Addressing, Network Architecture, VLAN and Segmentation: Organize security architecture in support of services needs
  • End User Devices: Mobile, laptop, desktop, printer, MDM, and POS security requirements (MFA and SSO enablement)
  • Configuration Management: Policy based requirements and deployment


Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time requires experienced planning, design, workflow, and technical know-how. Integration in security and healthcare means so much more than just moving data from point a to b. Recognition of interoperability policy, security and encryption leading practice and exchange protocol is fundamental to efficient integration involving HL7, API, FHIR and PCI data transfer. First Health is an industry leader in platform, tool, data and organizational integration and at the ready to assist. 

  • Integration Configuration and Testing Plan: Develop approach and enablement requirements
  • Sequencing: Develop timeline for deployment
  • Build, Test, Validate, and Train: Core integration implementation
  • Integration Enhancements: Event/Alert and key message tuning


Approaches to deriving value from already implemented technologies need to be well coordinated, communicated, and governed. First Health experts help your team operationalize and optimize your most critical investments, spanning personnel, technology, and processes.

  • Process Improvement: Technical, operational, personnel, and fiscal efficiency analysis, recommendations, and strategy
  • Workflow Redesign: Risk Management, Asset, and IT based workflow in business and care environment
  • Organizational Integration: Multidisciplinary collaboration and stakeholder alignment approaches
  • Technical Platform Tuning: Security, IT and Governance platform optimization

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