Tailored Solutions in Support of Your Strategy

Delivering secure and efficient healthcare requires solutions that incorporate an understanding of healthcare operations, workflow, technology and the personnel that act as a bridge to your customer. These solutions must remain adaptive throughout the continual evolution of digital healthcare.

Healthcare leaders desire IT and security solutions that produce value and address that following questions:

  • Does the technology we are looking to select integrate from an organizational and technical standpoint?
  • Will the technology we are considering support our business, strategic, and operational goals and for how long?
  • What is the leading practice in infrastructure and design to support an agile and adaptive security and IT program?
  • Does the organization I have implementing critical security platforms understand risk in the healthcare setting, from patient safety, and operational integrity to cyber based risk?
  • What are the optimal approaches to integrating systems and data and is there an ideal sequence to gain visibility?
  • What level of effort is involved in optimizing or operationalizing the tools I now have in place?

Cloud Strategy

From the inception of cloud computing, technical and executive leaders sought cost savings from reduced overhead and workflow optimization. Many healthcare organizations have failed to realize these returns. The First Health Advisory team understands the OpEx/CapEx balance as well as the requirements to adopt a Cloud First Adoption strategy.

  • Cloud First Adoption Strategy Acquisitions during and after a cloud migration requires a comprehensive acquisition strategy and governance process for future acquisitions
  • Public/Private Approach Whether your organization host their own cloud or purchases licenses from a vendor, each bears inherent risks and rewards, our team helps navigate the challenges
  • Cloud Culture and Adoption Movement of data and processing from an on-premises data center to a cloud environment is a highly complex migration; our team of digital health experts develop the migration plan and change management model for your team to adopt the cloud
  • OpEx/CapEx Analysis Our experienced leaders balance the impact to both Operational Expense and Capital Expenses to ensure realization of return on investments

Informatics & Data Visibility

Digital systems produce enormous amounts of data. The experienced informatics team provides assessments and analysis to process the data with context to produce intelligence to inform your knowledge and develop wisdom.

  • Network and Data Center Strategy Optimization of the data center architecture, both on premises and cloud, requires an all-encompassing deliberate strategy
  • Data Migration, Integration, and Testing Data collection from medical devices, the electronic health record and the variety of data sources throughout the digital healthcare environment means integration configuration with optimization this is the foundation of the First Health Advisory’s original business model
  • Dependency Mapping Nothing in healthcare operates as an isolated tool; understanding how each system of systems interacts and mapping the interdependency prevents inadvertent impacts to patient safety
  • Data Warehousing & Risk Management First Health Advisory’s experienced Business Intelligence practitioners leverage the available data sources to illuminate the risk profile of your organization’s data sources

Digital Asset Telemetry & Intelligence

First Health Advisory operates at the intersection of security and clinical care. Our capability to monitor in real-time all connected assets provide insight into device utilization which is pivotal to the budgeting and acquisition processes. Collaboratively, First Health Advisory, your organization’s IT and biomedical teams can operationalize the information to help inform the decision making process.

  • Real-time Asset Monitoring Awareness and continuous monitoring provide the insight as to performance while providing the information needed to identify the indicators of compromise
  • Pre-Migration Visibility Migrating healthcare systems such as EHRs that support the digital healthcare ecosystem relies on visibility of existing assets that integrate to provide the best healthcare for the patient
  • Utilization and Budgeting Understanding how the devices already on your network are used on a daily basis informs replacement/upgrade decisions, without the information, acquisitions are costly guesses

Digital Health Optimization

Approaches to deriving value from already implemented technologies need to be well coordinated, communicated, and governed. First Health experts help your team operationalize and optimize your most critical investments, spanning personnel, technology, and processes.

  • Process Improvement: Technical, operational, personnel, and fiscal efficiency analysis, recommendations, and strategy
  • Workflow Redesign: Risk Management, Asset, and IT based workflow in business and care environment
  • Organizational Integration: Multidisciplinary collaboration and stakeholder alignment approaches
  • Technical Platform Tuning: Security, IT and Governance platform optimization

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