Medical Device Security: Program Kick Start

The challenges and complexity of managing the security risks of medical devices span your entire organization.  From policy, lifecycle management, data classification, and patching to personnel and business owner divisions, getting an enterprise program off the ground is a daunting task for any sized healthcare entity.  The First Medical Device and Connected Asset Team is skilled at interpreting your requirements while leveraging our knowledge of the right tools, processes and group dynamics to kick start your program.  The follow steps are at the core of developing a program.  Each step is involved and requires the multi-departmental collaboration.  The First Team is prepared to assist your organization with a fully developed approach to initiating your program.

  1. Get an inventory
  2. Assess risk
  3. Develop a classification around your data – to put with associated devices
  4. Develop a set of Common Control Standards
  5. Assess residual risk and mitigation activity
  6. Put together a remediation plan

The Kick Start effort is considered a first step towards reducing overall organizational risk, improving patient safety and managing your assets more efficiently.  The importance of ongoing device management is underscored by an ever changing inventory, policy adjustments, regulatory shift and manufacturer engagement.  First’s Medical Device Team offers retained Program Management solutions to address your needs in a budget sensitive manner without compromising your security and safety posture.

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