Managed Services Built for Healthcare

Adaptive risk solutions require agility and personnel with targeted knowledge. First’s Health managed security solutions are designed for healthcare entities, including their unique workflows and requirements.

As your organization looks for innovative and budget conscious approaches to reducing risk, adopting a more proactive security posture, and finding the experience needed to accomplish such goals, managed solutions can answer these questions:

  • What’s the best approach to govern and orchestrate the security needs of our organization?
  • How do we become more responsive and proactive in managing risk?
  • What is the right mix or personnel to run programs that increase resilience?
  • How do security and privacy initiatives help meet IT and enterprise goals?
  • Where do I go to find the IT and security experience when needed?
  • Can I get fractional access to experts, from CISO’s and to network engineers?
  • How do I budget for managing security when the threat landscape changes daily?

Managed Security Solutions

Managed security solutions that are specialized for healthcare don’t have to be difficult or costly. First Health is a leading provider of managed security, providing solution flexibility by allowing our clients to bundle the right coverage and skill sets for their organization. Our comprehensive approach enables enterprise-level, scalable security to protect customers, data, reputation and balance sheets while you focus on your core business.

  • Managed or co-managed bundles Program, SOC, SIEM, IR, VTM, XDR
  • Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) Targeted risk reduction solutions
  • Penetration Testing and Web Monitoring Internal and external threat simulation and exploit programs

Managed Asset Solutions

First Health is a leader in healthcare asset security. Managed Asset Solutions provide the flexibility for healthcare organizations to choose between a fully managed approach to asset risk or a collaborative, co-managed program to reduce risk and enable efficiency in managing clinical, operational, and industrial assets in the care continuum.

  • Governance, Process, Policy and Strategy Full spectrum solutions for enterprise and clinical asset security
  • Endpoint, Medical Device, IoMT, and IoT Risk Management Program level leadership and Connected Asset Defense expertise in full cycle solutions
  • Asset Orchestration and Efficiency Surfacing insights around asset sprawl, policy, and workflow to derive value and savings
  • Inventory, Vulnerability, Clinical Asset Management Technology Specialists Platform and integration knowledge of leading EDR, IoMT, CMDB, and CMMS systems

Managed Detection and Response

In the increasingly borderless healthcare environment, the amount of medical and IoT devices, laptops, desktops, and remote workers is ubiquitous, providing sophisticated actors with endless opportunities to exploit gaps in your organization. From these entry points, they can often proceed deep and unnoticed into your devices and systems. First Health understands how to manage and tune MDR/XDR tools and orchestrate processes to help you proactively identify and investigate threats around the clock.

First Health leverages TTP threat hunt library and the MITRE ATT&CK framework, finding threats more consistently than static indicators of compromise (IOC) to provide more proactive threat detection and response.

  • Threat hunting 24/7 coverage from healthcare trained intelligence analysts
  • Response Readiness Proven playbooks combined with automated response design
  • SOC Productivity Dwell time reduction and rapid response support


A security incident is often catastrophic to healthcare operations, impacting operational uptime, critical patient care needs, and reputations. As Digital transformation pushes business to operate through applications in the cloud or mobile devices, it is imperative to have visibility and agile recognition of what is happening across your enterprise relating to security events.

To properly identify threats and reduce ‘noise’ in your organization, including your enterprise network, endpoints, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS applications, and cloud infrastructure, requires multiple subject matter areas of expertise combined with well integrated, optimized technologies. First Health provides industry focused SOC and specialized IoMT SOC solutions

  • Healthcare focused SOC and IoMT SOC Experts 24/7 support from security operations experts that are understand how threats and vulnerabilities impact healthcare and what actions to takeorkflow
  • Clinical Risk Contextualization First Health Tier I-III subject matter experts work hand in hand with SOC and IoMT SOC teams to ensure indicators of compromise are addressed with clinical impact and context in mind
  • 24/7 Healthcare SIEM Monitor, investigate, triage, and mitigate cross industry and unique healthcare alerts

Mitigation as a Service

Detecting and prioritizing vulnerabilities is essential to a mature security program.  Medical device, IoMT, IoT, and traditional end point risks are multiplying at a rate that is overwhelming the healthcare domain, especially when clinical devices require unique treatment plans or controls that are often times specific to manufacturer or even model.  First Health team of Connected Asset Security Experts (CADE) are at the ready to get at the hard work of reducing risk, with essential contextual knowledge of the gaps and treatments in a healthcare setting.  

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