Ransomware Prevention & Recovery Strategies


Join us on August 25th at 12 pm EST for an interactive discussion on how to minimize the likelihood of and response time to a ransomware attack on your healthcare entity!

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In an annual report released earlier this year, Sophos announced that last year only 47% of cyber insurance companies paid ransomware costs for the healthcare organizations they insure. With 66% of healthcare industries having been hit by ransomware in the past year, it’s imperative that healthcare entities increase their resilience to minimize their chance of having to pay ransomware costs. Protecting yourself from ransomware and other destructive attacks also keeps you in control of your revenue, your data, your reputation, and the safety of your patients. Sophos reports that 90% of ransomware attacks impacted the organization’s ability to operate. Sophos also reports that only 4% of those that paid the ransom got all their data back. Needless to say, if you want to keep your healthcare industry capable of taking care of its patients, you need a cybersecurity framework that keeps you from being vulnerable in the first place. With Solensys, you can keep your backup data safe by encrypting it with blockchain technology making it virtually impossible to hack. Having these immutable backups allows you to skip paying ransomware attackers and ensure you get all your data back. Join our discussion to learn more about how you can protect your healthcare organization from ransomware and other destructive attacks!

Will Long, our Chief Security Officer, plans to discuss these 5 key points:

  • Confirming your incident response plan is ready and tested
  • Assessing whether you have the necessary capabilities to detect and stop an attack quickly
  • Determining if your response team is capable of responding fast enough
  • Addressing what capabilities are necessary for large infrastructure rebuilding support and massive disruptive containment activities
  • Understanding how real immutable backups play a vital role in your plan

This is an interactive session and we encourage participants to ask questions!