How To Stay Insured: Preparing for & Acquiring Cyber Health Insurance


Join us on August 18th at 12 pm EST for an interactive discussion on how to get your healthcare system’s data insured and keep it insured!

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In an annual report released earlier this year, Sophos announced that 94% of surveyors “have found it harder to secure cyber insurance” over the past year and “97% that have cyber insurance have made changes to their defenses to improve their cyber insurance position”. Cyber insurance companies are raising their expectations due to the increase in volume, complexity, and impact of cyber attacks. With Solensys, you can ensure that your data is secure by encrypting it with blockchain technology, creating an immutable and indestructible backup of your data.  Sollensys is not a storage solution; it is an immutable, unchangeable, and indestructible archive of your data which is built upon a unique and revolutionary new double blockchain technology. It is your safety net, allowing you to fully recover from a cyber attack in hours, rather than waiting days or months. With Sollensys’ secure data archive system, your data will always be in a perfect and uncorrupted state. This allows you to stop worrying about data recovery and fully focus on other aspects of your cybersecurity framework so you can ensure you’re able to obtain and keep your cyber insurance coverage. For more information on how to better the chances of your healthcare system becoming and staying cyber-insured, join our conversation!

Will Long, our Chief Security Officer, plans to discuss these 6 key points:

  • Understanding why Cyber Insurance is challenging and changing rapidly
  • Determining the underlying issues in the market that cause challenges
  • Adjusting your approach to prepare for cyber insurance renewals and applications
  • Recognizing the red flags that carriers are looking for
  • Understanding how 405d and NIST frameworks play a role in your preparedness
  • Addressing why backups and immutability are vital to carriers and your recovery

This is an interactive session and we encourage participants to ask questions in the chat box!