Streamlining Agency Healthcare Imperatives

Digital transformation is changing the way Government Health data, the devices that exchange information, the people that provide care, and the individuals who rely on all of this to work without disruption.  First Health’s advisors bridge  gaps between technology, security, and process to improve outcomes with greater efficiency.

Program Assessment, Development, Staffing, & Education

IoMT (Medical Device), OT, & IT Security & Informatics Integration

Extending the capabilities of IT/OT/IoMT systems into the clinical arena. Working with existing technologies, demonstrate application outside of just the IT/IS community. Integrating informatics ensures multiple stakeholders and potential funding lines for integrated security.

Program Assessment, Development, Staffing, & Education

Risk Mitigation Framework/Authority To Operate Process

Government healthcare relies on medical devices, just as the broader sector. To connect devices, including medical technology, government agencies require risk mitigation to approve an authority to operate certification. We facilitate this process and assessment to secure the government healthcare systems.

Program Assessment, Development, Staffing, & Education

Government Certification Support

For Commercial systems to support and connect to government networks, they must demonstrate levels of enhanced security posture. This demonstration comes in the form of certification and third-party attestation. We provide insight into these requirements and ensure the commercial client can make informed decisions prior to paying for certification.

Government Health Clinical, Operational & Enterprise

IoMT (Medical Device) & CMMS Platform Program Management & Systems Integration

Provides policies, procedures, and technology optimization for running an IoMT Risk Management Program

  • Cyber focused deployment of policies, procedures, process (implementation), testing ability, and integration
  • Mature risk playbooks, contractural obligations, and service level objectives/agreements
  • Operationalize technology integration and risk context
  • Streamline threat sharing and manufacturer communications planning
  • Initiate control roles, responsibilities, and stakeholder sharing requirements

CMMS Program Management, implementation, integrations, security and staffing

  • Selection: Align business requirements, strategic imperatives, and budget considerations
  • Implementation and Integration: Operationalize selected technology platform for visibility, risk, and utilization outcomes
  • Subject Matter Expertise:  Staff augmentation and training to fill program gaps or priorities
  • Security tool integration and process with CMMS

Government Health Clinical, Operational & Enterprise

IoMT (Medical Device) Vulnerability & Patch Management

Vulnerability Management as a Service: Provides MDSP administration, Vulnerability output prioritization and corrective action planning supported by minimal VM specific workflow development minimal remediation oversight to client mitigation/remediation teams. May include staff augmentation for VM and CVE acknowledgement and assessment within MDSP

  • Vulnerability Program engineers and analysts
  • Continuous Risk Contextualization and Prioritization Activity
  • Incident Response Coordination

Patch Management: Provides standard windows OS device patch management strategy (WSUS) and hardware, configuration and support requirements

  • High-priority patch management augmentation
  • PM/CM workflow management for patching support
  • Reconciliation and data clean up expertise

Government Health Clinical, Operational & Enterprise

Enterprise Cybersecurity and 405(d) Assessment

Government Health SRA: Provides a security assessment and a method of keeping the assessment continuously current improving security agility and making resource planning easier by smoothing the work across the year.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your health entities PII, PHI and ePHI
  • Identify gaps and safeguards that address compliance and provide next-generation risk reduction capability
  • Align with enterprise imperatives, addressing policies that flow up to strategy and down to support controls
  • Develop a maturity road-map to manage success and objectively evaluate risk
  • Review technology effectiveness, personnel capability, physical and administrative controls

HICP 405(d): Assess your agency health mission ability to accelerate a prescriptive and targeted approach to the five biggest risks in healthcare, the 10 leading practices, and the 23 control surfaces that maximize your investments in security capability and maturity. First Health advisors are experts on HICP 405(d) practices and benefits.

  • The BIG 5: Accelerate cyber threat action and capability targeting;
    • Ransomware
    • Loss or Theft of Equipment or Data
    • Insider, Accidental, or Intentional Data Loss
    • Attacks Against Medical Devices
    • Social Engineering
  • Start Now to Reduce Risk:  The 10 Leading Practices
    • Email and Endpoint Protection Systems
    • Access Management and IT Asset Management
    • Data Protection and Loss Prevention
    • Network and Vulnerability Management
    • Incident Response
    • Medical Device Security
    • Cyber Policies
  • Map findings and requirements to the controls that result in the biggest risk impacts

EHR Informatics Subject Matter Expertise Staffing

Federal EHR Build & Deployment Support

The Government Health team maintains a deep depth and wide breadth of knowledge and experience with the Federal EHR being deployed to the VA, DOD, US Coast Guard, NOAA, and more. We provide capabilities to design/configure the system to meet unique requirements of the client.

EHR Informatics Subject Matter Expertise Staffing

Informatics Steering Strategic Insight

From the strategic through the operational down to the tactical levels, our team provides insight and guidance to end-users and governance committees to ensure changes provide value add to the broader Federal Enterprise.

EHR Informatics Subject Matter Expertise Staffing

Technological Integration - Operational Medicine

Operational medicine addresses the care provided from point of injury (combat) through to the Military Treatment Facilities. As technology improves form factor, the military seeks to deploy enhanced capabilities as close to the point of injury as possible. The team provides the clinical, technical and combat experience to facilitate this integration.

EHR Informatics Subject Matter Expertise Staffing

Workflow Optimization

The Federal EHR is a significant shift for the DOD and VA. Use of a Commercial product requires changes to how the clinicians interact with the patients, each other and the system. Our team provides the analysis and recommendations to improve flow of people and hardware to optimize the use of the system. This team helps the federal government realize the ROI possible with the COTS product.