White Paper: Clinical & Operational Security & Technology Leaders on Centralized Patch Management

Check out the white paper “Centralized Patch Management: Medical Device Security Through a Patient-Safety Lens” by First Health’s Clinical & Operational Security & Technology Leaders — Matt Dimino, Chief Security Officer and Olin Dillard, EVP!

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The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Operational Technology (OT), and medical devices are critical elements of healthcare delivery. But the sheer volume of devices, software, applications, and care systems also carry unintended consequences in terms of security and patient safety risks. Although a massive undertaking, healthcare network defenders must act upon risk assessments to address vulnerability and patch management with strategic and prioritized risk reduction processes. First Health’s Clinical & Operational Security & Technology Leaders – Chief Security Officer, Matt Dimino and EVP, Olin Dillard – put together a comprehensive piece outlining the necessity of Centralized Patch Management within the complex environment of care. Register with First Health to read the free white paper.

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