Welcome to the Leadership Team, Rick LeMay!

First Health is excited to welcome Rick LeMay to our growing team of healthcare security and technology leaders! LeMay is an established leader of operational and strategic leadership with experience in both IT and cybersecurity. He specializes in leading enterprise-wide network builds and is experienced in implementing information security programs within the Department of the Army and the healthcare industry. As Executive Vice President of Enterprise Security & Technology, LeMay will play a major role in the continued advancement of First Health’s exceptional and innovative Healthcare Enterprise Security & Technology Services as well as furthering the company’s values and industry vision.

“First Health is ecstatic that Rick LeMay has joined our team. LeMay brings a sterling track record of serving the needs of healthcare entities in security, privacy, and overall digital health risk assurance initiatives.” — Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory

For more information on LeMay’s history and qualifications, read the full press release!