KLAS Report: KLAS Respondents Highly Satisfied with First Health’s Security Solutions

First Health was recently mentioned in an article, KLAS Evaluates Healthcare Cybersecurity, Data Privacy Consulting Vendors, by Jill McKeon, assistant editor at Health IT Security, part of the Xtelligent Healthcare Media network. We were acknowledged for being one of the best in KLAS. The article is prefaced with the fact that “Organizations reported being most satisfied with Impact Advisors and First Health Advisory among a variety of healthcare cybersecurity and data privacy consulting vendors, KLAS reported.” KLAS’s regard of First Health is recounted further in the body of McKeon’s article when she recaps that “respondents reported being highly satisfied with First Health Advisory…”

Being acknowledged by KLAS is a one of the highest honors and we are delighted to have achieved it. The First Health team serves customers with the utmost care. We lead with our values because we know that when we put time, effort, and empathy into serving our customers well, we all live better lives. Our level of dedication is part of what makes First Health the best of the best. It comes to no surprise that “First Health Advisory was depicted as a responsive and engaged business partner, whose clients utilize its services for IoMT device assessments and security program development and assessments.” This is what we aim for! We’re very appreciative to our team that our highest goals are being met and we appreciate the recognition of the effort being made. Knowing our customers are satisfied and secure gives us meaning and makes the effort worthwhile.

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