Webinar: How to Maintain Control Over Your Unmanaged IoMT Assets

Our CSO of Clinical & Operational Technology, Matt Dimino is going live for the CHIME Educational Webinar, How to Maintain Control Over Your Unmanaged IoMT Assets! Join us Thursday, Sep 22nd at 2 pm EST.

Register here: https://chimecentral.org/event/how-to-maintain-control-over-your-unmanaged-iomt-assets/

For Healthcare Entities, security challenges are increasing exponentially with the improvement of medical technology. This is in part due to the way medical devices are designed without regard for the inherently vulnerable digital environments of the healthcare industry. Managing the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) & Operational Technology(OT) is easier when you have a mentor. If you’re concerned about the current threat landscape of your healthcare system, join us to learn how to regain dominion over these lifesaving devices. Matt specializes in maintaining the security of healthcare-specific digital environments. He will be sharing best practices learned from over 16 years of experience in various Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) roles. Tune in to learn how to develop a medical device security program with technology that will advance your clinical environment towards being safely connected. In this webinar, Matt will discuss the growing concerns that IoMT brings into organizations as these unmanaged assets are generally not accounted for in a cybersecurity program. They are essential to delivering services but once onboarded they are rarely managed outside of regulatory requirements.

Learning Objectives:
• Gain control over unmanaged devices
• Break down silos
• Create a cohesive program that aligns with your enterprise initiatives.

This virtual event is for CHIME members only. If you haven’t already, become a member on the CHIME website: https://chimecentral.org/membership/join-chime/

For more information on how First Health can help you manage your inherently high-risk clinical digital environment, visit https://firsthealthadvisory.com/clinical-operational/ or contact us at info@firsthealthadvisory.com to schedule an appointment with one of our CSOs.