First Health Advisory’s CSO of Enterprise, Will Long, Featured on AEHIS Security Podcast

AEHIS just released the AEHIS Security Podcast: Why Attend the Security Frameworks Panel at ViVE featuring First Health Advisory’s CSO of Enterprise Security & Technology, Will Long. Stream now below!

In this AEHIS Health Security podcast episode, Chime’s VP, David Finn, and Will Long discuss preparations for ViVE and the value of the pivotal conversations and collaborations that happen there. They also provide details on why you don’t want to miss the security frameworks panel at ViVE. As a longtime member of AEHIS, Board Member, and former Board Chair, Will has many years of experience with these conferences. Will has 31 years of experience in the cybersecurity and information technology industry as a healthcare CISO and security consultant. Currently, he works as Chief Security Officer for the Enterprise side of First Health Advisory.

Will shares details about the VIVE session that he will be moderating – Frameworks: You Should Probably Start Now. He explains the importance of security frameworks to an organization’s ability to measure and mitigate risk. Will reviews the panelists’ expert experience and recounts why they are the ones to share information and advice on setting up your organization’s security frameworks. He also explains how this panel of experts can help you “move beyond frameworks to put action into security.”

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