CHIME: 2024 Cyber Strategy & Governance Webinar featuring CEO

February 15th at 12pm EST – Join First Health Advisory CEO, Carter Groome for “The Role of Governance in the Age of Cyber Performance Goals” hosted by CHIME.

Register: The Role of Governance in the Age of Cyber Performance Goals – Healthcare IT – CHIME (

The healthcare industry continues to suffer record-breaking data breaches, and severe month-long outages, alongside a rise in third-party compromises and vulnerability exploits seen in 2023. In response to the increase in healthcare cybersecurity incidents, HHS will soon issue cyber performance goals that align with the most prominent struggles in the health sector.

These long-awaited cyber performance goals are a way to encourage and incentivize healthcare entities to mature to their current cyber posture. The NIST CSF 2.0 final version, expected in early 2024, will also add governance as one of the main Framework pillars. Continued innovation and advanced technology adoption also create further demand for elevated cybersecurity initiatives to ensure prioritized digital adaptions are safely and effectively implemented across the enterprise.

Key Notes:
• Cybersecurity baseline measures
• Cyber strategy and governance guidance
• Business imperatives for healthcare innovation safeguarding.

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