Centralized Patch Management Talk with Texas Health Resources & First Health

Join Texas Health Resource and First Health Advisory for “When You Can’t ‘Just Patch It’: An IT Leader’s Centralized Patch Management Journey,” an interactive discussion on patching the healthcare delivery environment to find out — November 29th at Noon EST!


Medical device and IoMT security is one of the largest unsolved puzzles in healthcare. The reason for the various remediation gaps differs depending on the size or maturity of an organization. Nonetheless, lack of visibility, incomplete inventories, and the sheer complexity and scope of the IoT, OT, and medical device infrastructure is the largest challenge for all healthcare entities. First Health responds to these challenges with a comprehensive centralized patch management framework, which takes the legwork out of patch management to support over-burdened providers. Our IT experts continuously research vulnerability disclosures and work with manufacturers to understand needed remediation, while working to identify device technical configurations and capabilities and leveraging increasingly advanced tools to determine if and where critical vulnerabilities are found on the network.

In this webinar, Texas Health Resources’ Senior Director of Healthcare Technology Management, Pete LaRose plans to outline the challenges and key metrics that prompted the centralized patch management project led by First Health, including lessons learned. Olin Dillard, First Health’s EVP, Clinical & Operational Security & Technology, offers insights into centralized patch management procedures and how it reduces clinical endpoint vulnerabilities. Our Healthcare IT experts aim to foster conversation and answer any lingering questions around medical device security challenges in the healthcare digital environment.

Key Topics:
• The IoMT and medical device challenges in the healthcare delivery environment led by Olin Dillard, EVP, Clinical & Operational Security & Technology, First Health Advisory
• Texas Health Resource’s centralized patch management journey led by Pete LaRose, Senior Director, Healthcare Technology Management

For more information on First Health Advisory’s Centralized Patch Management Services, visit https://firsthealthadvisory.com/digital-enterprise-services/#centralized-patch-management or contact the First Health team at [email protected] to schedule a consultation with one of our CSOs.

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