Buddy Hickman Featured on HealthSystem CIO Partner Perspective Series

HealthSystemCIO’s Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Anthony Guerra, just released this exclusive interview with our new Chief Strategy Officer, Buddy Hickman!

Head to the HealthSystemCIO website to read, listen, or watch: https://healthsystemcio.com/buddy-hickman-cso-fha/

What is the significance of rebranding C-suite titles to a “digital” one and how does this change in nomenclature affect those who receive the “Chief Digital Officer” title? What kind of expectations come along with this title and how is the healthcare industry being transformed by this trend? Tune in to this episode of HealthSystem CIO, Partner Perspective: Buddy Hickman Says CIOs Adding Digital to Their Titles Must Have Other Changes Come Along With It, for a thought-provoking analysis of why role clarity is critical to the future of the healthcare industry.

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