Program & Portfolio Management

Program & Portfolio Management provides subject matter support to advance and assure your digital agenda through targeted programs and platform optimization with a focus on reducing enterprise risk and augmenting your workforce.

Program & Portfolio Management

Cybersecurity Program & Portfolio Management

Most healthcare entities have heavily invested in security technology to protect patient safety, support enterprise risk goals and assets, and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of data in preparation of future growth. What’s less common, however, is evaluating and managing those investments to determine whether there are more effective or less expensive tools to bolster enterprise risk posture and ensure risk tolerance is aligned with budgetary needs.

Organizational talent, technologies, and processes must be well understood to inform Cybersecurity Program & Portfolio Management, through executive security knowledge of healthcare business, IT, framework, and risk management domains.

First Health is a leader in guiding healthcare delivery organizations through targeted product and portfolio management initiatives designed to deliver safer patient care, more efficiently.

  • Provide seasoned executive security leader well-versed in existing and emerging platforms and recommended security tools
  • Leadership guides evaluation of current state technology portfolio gaps or bloat
  • Programmatic enhancements to streamline budget, governance, and business alignment
  • Recommend and operationalize desired structural enhancements, process changes, and contractual posture

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Program & Portfolio Management

Full-Time & Fractional CxO Support

Some healthcare organizations lack a full-time CISO or even security focused leaders, and others run into situations that need temporary or short-term leadership experience to advance strategies and risk reduction programs. First Health’s tenured CISO leaders and risk management executives have deep healthcare security, technology, and digital health experience and bring a passionate work ethic demanded of our clients to govern and secure healthcare.

Our Full-Time and Fractional CxO leadership services enable entities to select the appropriate amount of consulting services to meet budgetary goals, while keeping privacy and security agendas and programs moving in the right direction.

  • Full-time, temporary, and fractional vCISO services and CxO support within budgetary goals
  • Support clients in need of C-Suite leadership support on both an interim and long-term basis
  • Assist with governance and planning with leadership
  • Align the enterprise IT and digital health missives with cybersecurity and business objectives
  • Provide strategic guidance to leadership and board; offer support to all leadership levels
  • Advise the organization on governance, portfolio, risk management, and risk reduction strategies
  • Address breadth of challenges, including talent, retention, and costs of hiring executive talent

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Program & Portfolio Management

Data & Analytics

The privacy and security of healthcare employee, corporate, and patient data is a pivotal component of the overall healthcare security program. First Health’s Data & Analytics program maximizes data visibility, enabling organizations to report on the who, what, where, when, and how for each data transaction.

  • Modern data visibility tool through First Health’s partnership program
  • Provides the highest level of visibility into your organization’s data transactions
  • Efficient and effective solution resulting in fewer resource hour requirements

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Program & Portfolio Management

Centralized Patch Management

Most healthcare delivery organizations and hospitals rely on a vast number of devices, connected systems, endpoints, and network connections that create an equally complex cybersecurity challenge. Known vulnerabilities and the constant emergence of new vulnerabilities allow for easy exploitation in organizations that do not have a well-governed and centralized patch management program.  Having a coordinated plan and a dedicated team is paramount to reducing enterprise risk and potential network proliferation after a likely exploit.

First Health’s tenured healthcare cyber leaders understand the massive challenge of securing the thousands of assets, medical devices, and IoMT technology, as well as the strategies needed to support an actionable plan that reduces external exposures and enables swift remediation from a cyberattack.

  • Support thorough risk assessments to formulate a centralized patching strategy that considers the IT infrastructure, network bandwidth, and operational downtime
  • Develop an effective patch management program that takes into account the compatibility of patches against existing software and systems to prevent disruption
  • Define patch management schedule to align with operational demand to reduce impact on hospital operations and patient care
  • Educate leadership on the adequate resources needed to test patches and train staff.

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Program & Portfolio Management

Asset Management

Connected clinical assets are one of the most overwhelming blind spots in the healthcare environment, which includes operational technology and medical devices. As your healthcare organization’s digital transformation expands it simultaneously creates an even greater number of vulnerabilities, making IT asset management a mission critical function for delivery organizations.

First Health’s team of tenured healthcare CISOs provide comprehensive support to our clients with the development of a comprehensive Asset Management Program, supporting software and infrastructure standardization and ensuring a high level of accountability.

  • Support clients with inventory, device decommissioning, and secure storage
  • IoMT cybersecurity program staffing and IoMT risk management program assessment and development

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Program & Portfolio Management

Cybersecurity Program Staffing

First Health provides experienced staffing that targets the unique security needs of your organization, as well as clinical and operational device efficiencies. Our team provides a full range of cybersecurity expertise for both short-term and long-term assignments.

  • Security/HTM/Clinical Engineering Program and Project Managers
  • HTM/Clinical Engineering Security Specialists (Engineers and Analysts)
  • Vulnerability Management Subject Matter Experts
  • Network and Segmentation Specialists
  • Policy and Framework Experts

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Program & Portfolio Management

Epic, Oracle Cerner, and MEDITECH Workflow Assurance/Optimization

The EHR is the backbone of any effective healthcare organization. But complexity of these environments and the platforms can add to clinician burden and inhibit care workflows and clinical operations. First Health supports clients through a team of experienced security leaders with a deep knowledge of EHR clinical operations who provide assurance in workflow optimization solutions and Cyber-Compliance Interlock.

  • Evaluate current workflow assurance processes to find areas for optimization based on complexities
  • Determine integrated solutions able to support the varied needs of clinicians and providers, including patient-centric solutions
  • Support the design and optimization of platform and solutions and Cyber-Compliance Interlock

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