Guardian Data & Device Posture Survey

Prepare your Organization for the Future, Now

As healthcare delivery continues its shift to more patient centric models, the modern digital age continues to dissolve the boundaries of how traditional data and devices are managed.  So many devices and the data that they transmit, are outside the walls of your organization, creating operational and digital vulnerabilities that require stronger controls, integrated operations and ever better response capability.

First Guardian Services involve a comprehensive approach to connected assets and data that merges healthcare workflow, analytics, medical device, IoT and regulatory wisdom to bolster your security, privacy, and operations posture.  Protecting the healthcare ecosystem, from IV pumps and telemetry units to cameras and movement of ePHI requires visibility, an operations strategy and the commitment to govern these devices and data long term.

Guardian is a layered approach to adding device and data resiliency in clinical, technical and operational areas.  By understanding the healthcare environment, involving leading analytics and machine learning technology, and adding in world-class strategic services, our holistic approach can be layered to meet your risk appetite and budget requirements.  The ultimate goal being to provide response assurance that is fast, effective and appropriate.

Some clients have a plan but are not equipped to implement it, while others have resources but may not have the tools or strategy to implement a more comprehensive program.  First’s Guardian Posture Survey provides the full mix of First’s expertise and client comparisons to determine your organizations ideal steps towards optimizing your program.  To learn more about First’s Guardian Posture Survey contact First at or Call 866-597-3270.