IoT & Medical Device Visibility

Healthcare Internet of Medical Things Analytics Platform

Enhancing Your Confidence in IoT and Medical Device Security

It is generally agreed that securing the variety of devices that are connected to your network begins with a good inventory of what’s on the network. What most can’t agree on is how to acquire that inventory. Accounting inventories are generally incomplete, physical inventories are very expensive/time consuming and traditional network scanning tools can lead to the compromise of devices directly engaged in patient services. Yet, as the cloud continues to dissolve your device perimeter and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) become more prominent there are proven new tools to provide you better visibility.

Using leading healthcare IoT visibility and security platforms in concert with our leading Asset Orchestration and Risk Management Services, First can deliver accurate inventory counts and device characteristics, elucidating device type, make model, operating system and even patch level. Through the use of the always on, always monitoring, nature of the analytics platform, anomalous behavior of connected devices can be discerned and alerts with suggested remediation activity can be delivered to your organization’s SIEM, NAC, Firewall and more. “Always monitoring” also allows for operational data on devices to be transmitted to your CMMS to provide value-added information to the clinical engineering team.

First’s Guardian Services are designed to compliment and create value out of the information the IoT visibility and threat detection tool gathers.  From policy review to analytics insights, the First Team brings expertise to your organization to advance your connected asset program.  Our Team is made up of IoT and Medical Device Subject Matter Experts, Clinical Engineering, Network Microsegmentation, Security Engineers, Clinicians and Policy personnel.