Securing Healthcare Interoperability

Secured Data and Devices to the Right People at the Right Time

As healthcare stakeholders target improved efficiencies and access, the market, standards, and technologies are creating opportunities for innovation in how data is shared and the platforms it is consumed upon.  First’s Cyber Health Team has the know-how to navigate the intersection of policy and technology with the reality of privacy and security.  Our services, including asset orchestration, network engineering, and infrastructure consulting with analysis of how devices and data across the organization and in the hands of consumers can be utilized with the proper balance of security and efficiency.

Combining in depth knowledge of physical, administrative, and technical safeguards, the First Cyber Team brings structure to the challenge of securing assets (both physical and digital) while understanding sensitivities unique to healthcare data, consumers, and questions around how personal information is defined.   First constantly tracks regulatory and congressional movement to advise our clients on interoperability rules, TEFCA, information blocking and associated risk, security, and privacy frameworks that can lend structure to a more resilient ecosystem of care.

In addition to the value provided through technical and strategic security solutions for interoperability, the First Team has the experience in mitigating already existing threats as you embark on reducing enterprise risk through a more hygienic and aware culture.