Asset Governance & Lifecycle Diligence

Asset Program and Lifecycle Management Expertise

Making Sense of Ambiguous Security Ownership and Improving the Bottom Line

Medical device and IoT security programs can have a messy start. Getting all the stakeholders to the table, deciding who is responsible versus who is accountable all while keeping abreast of changing regulations and technology is a challenge.  Those conditions have to be met without letting security concerns become the “tail that wags the dog” with regard to your connected asset’s lifecycle determinations.

First’s advisors have expertise in organizational dynamics that can help ensure that security, IT, clinical engineering, compliance and management come together in a collaborative effort to write and implement sound policy for your organization that is informed by the latest in emerging regulations and takes advantage of the latest tools and techniques to assure both policy compliance and real risk reduction.

In addition, operational insights are enabled by improved device visibility and systems integration, allowing HTM departments to make informed decisions on maintenance contracts, procurement, and end of life activity.  This lifecycle intelligence, gained from a comprehensive asset visibility and security program, begins to show value to organizations through operational efficiency.