Cloud Resilience

Cloud managed enablement of 24×7 support for our clients’ critical computing, network, storage, and cybersecurity functions. Enhance resilience in the face of threats and disruption risks with a focused balance between intel-driven prevention and response to support operational efficiency.

Cloud Resilience

Advanced Threat Protection & Platform Service

Each organization will have a unique journey to bolstering their security posture, which takes due diligence and prioritization to ensure a budget-conscious, structured approach. The result is successful implementation of a holistic security program with the right solutions implemented in order of priority to establish defensive walls, while confidently connecting the various pieces.

Full range of services for CrowdStrike: Standard, Premium, Complete, and staff augmentation for other applications. Provide full range of services, including deployment and management of industry leading tools and technology.

  • Collaborative implementation model ensures successful results aligned with the CrowdStrike operating model
  • Leading healthcare industry knowledge and experienced engineering and program management staff assigned to each engagement
  • Deploy and configure using industry-leading standards and practices

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Cloud Resilience

Advanced NOC, SIEM & SOC

The most mature security programs in the healthcare industry are adopting SIEM and SOC solutions. First Health’s approach to these services, platforms, and solutions takes into consideration several variables for a tailored, effective approach to adopting these cloud services. Our team has a transparent and honest approach: Not just telling you what you want to hear but ensuring you understand these solutions, which very well might be unique to the healthcare sales cycle.

  • 24×7 operations center providing availability, confidentiality, and integrity for your organization
  • Cloud-based from step-one, resulting in the least burden on your busy, over-utilized team members
  • Data science approach delivers the shortest time to value for your security use cases

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Cloud Resilience

Cloud Modernization & Migration Data Sciences

Address a broad market need in assessing or maturing your cloud modernization strategy and how to manage cloud security in Microsoft Azure and AWS environments. Out team identifies current risks and provides a roadmap to a standard security model and framework.

  • Review regulatory requirements from a technical perspective and a healthcare standard perspective (NIST, CSA)
  • Understand best practices for CSPs as they support your digital health environment
  • Assess your cloud security program and current state of deployments across the enterprise
  • Refine roles and responsibilities for cloud security to build a program roadmap
  • Assess third-party vendor cloud platform security risk

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Cloud Resilience

AWS/MS 365 Platform Design & Migration

Address need for specialized knowledge of security and leading practices for Microsoft (MS)365 and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Out team identifies gaps in security, configuration, practices, and operations and provides remediation and roadmap services against CIS benchmarks for better business risk decisions related to the platform.

  • Assessment against best practices and CIS controls
  • Audit existing tenants against CIS and other best practices
  • Provide risk remediation and control alignment recommendations
  • Review best practices configuration to design and implement cloud security plan
  • Consulting and engineering assistance to execute security plan

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Cloud Resilience

Identity Threat, Privileged & Access Management

Identity Threat, Privileged & Access Management assigns access to digital resources with the correct authorization privileges and ensuring access is reportable for ongoing auditing. PAM, IAM, and Identity Threat Protection must align as a vital baseline privacy and security measure to protect your most vital assets. Access management performance is critical to healthcare entities due to the high volume of user interaction, from onboarding to offboarding.

While IAM and PAM can be complex and complicated, it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

  • Perform experienced IAM, PAM and Identity Threat assessments for healthcare entities
  • Tenured healthcare engineering resources that provide organizations visibility into identified access management gaps and functions in need of improvement
  • IAM and PAM technology alignment with governance processes, business goals, and risk tolerance
  • Provide SME support for the full identity lifecycle management and align to existing digital strategy

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Cloud Resilience

Vulnerability Management Program

First Health’s unique, comprehensive vulnerability management program targets risk reduction across the healthcare enterprise to address connected and digital asset security vulnerabilities, patch management, and penetration testing. Our approach includes identification and remediation, or mitigation planning, which addresses and reduces security risk for all network-connected assets, such as Microsoft products, third-party applications, internal and external penetration testing and reporting, OT and Medical Devices, and related security validation services.

The result is one of the most comprehensive security exploit protection and prevention programs for your healthcare organization.

  • A full range of services identifying vulnerabilities and deploying patches to address vulnerabilities, as well as follow-on pen tests to validate security flaws are remediated against attacks
  • Provide all relevant professional services and programs to ensure quality outcomes for each client

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