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Our nation’s health sector cybersecurity disposition is dismal, and progress is slower than the actions and capabilities of those parties who would cause harm to us, the consumers of health and our care systems.  Our lack of preparedness leaves our public safety and national security systems/infrastructure exposed to increasingly-sophisticated means of cyber exploitation. 

Health industry breaches result in disruptions to patient care and safety, personal identity and theft losses, financial impacts, fines, and costly forensics and recovery. The empirical evidence of care delays and disruption, data and financial losses, and penalties for breaches continue to grow.  It is time to take action, get involved, spread awareness, and join our sector together as a unifying force.  

First Health Advisory is converging broad stakeholder views in a shared journey of moving initiatives forward to better prepare healthcare entities and protect those they serve.   Please join our mailing list for the latest news and if your organization is interested in doing more, please advise in the associated contact form.  

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