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Dynamic Maximization Solutions Addressing the Transition to Value-Based Care

Interconnected Value Drivers

FirstTRAK is a proprietary solution that accelerates efficiency based on the factors that drive value. Every organization is unique and, in order to reveal opportunities for improvement, it is essential to employ and compare in-house benchmarks as well as external quality measurements ‚ the “Dynamic” component of our approach. “Maximization” exemplifies the ideal state of optimization and getting your organization there is where the First team thrives. FirstTRAK is designed to guide your organization toward ultimately improving clinical and revenue cycle outcomes while generating more value from technical investments.

First offers a full range training initiatives for healthcare organizations. From “How to Fund and Build a Secure Healthcare Organization , to “Defending Healthcare Data and Systems” and on to “Key metrics in Healthcare Security” First can deliver customized training to help you advance the security of your operations.

FirstTRAK is built upon the interconnected value drivers clinical, technical and revenue cycle processes and how they work together. The benefits flow from working on one or all of the areas together. Here are typical client comments that require FirstTRAK.

“We have been focusing on stabilizing our EHR but physicians were not well engaged. The system is in but not being used to its full value.”

“Our revenue cycle has inefficiencies due to documentation and coding on the clinical side.”

Representative Provider Results from FirstTRAK


Decreased Door-to-Doc time from 78 minutes to 40 minutes


Decreased LOS from 265 minutes to 216 minutes


Decreased AWA/LWOT from 9.9% to 3.4%


FirstTRAK Framework

  1. The Mission of FirstTRAK is to Increase Overall Enterprise Value
  2. FirstTRAK Leverages Our Advanced Skill Sets
    • Advisory
    • Revenue Cycle
    • Technical
    • Clinical
  3. FirstTRAK Utilizes a Proven Methodology
    • Assess
    • Plan
    • Enhance
    • Implement
    • Measure
  4. The Complete FirstTRAK Framework

FirstTRAK Workflow


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CHS Case Study

Community Health Systems Cerner Maximization Engagement

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Frequently asked questions about Dynamic Maximization

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FirstTRAK Fact Sheet

FirstTRAK description, workflow and methodology.

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