First Clinical Solutions

Advancing Technology for the Caregiver

First believes that people make technology meaningful. Nearly 50% of First’s advisor base has a clinical background (Physicians, RN’s, technicians and therapists). As healthcare entities move beyond addressing Meaningful Use criteria and looking to optimize their EHR’s, we are assisting those organizations with the planning, analysis, workflow design and subject matter expertise that will promote usability, adoption, analytics based reengineering and ultimately return on investments.

Our clinical personnel melds years of practical experience and licenses to their technology knowhow, driving results from a caregiver perspective. Our advisors are experienced and certified in major EHR’s as well as leading practice based EHR’s, bring knowledge in the following core areas;

  1. Interoperability
    Today’s health systems must strive to identify process efficiencies beyond the EHR while ensuring that bidirectional data exchange is achievable and accurate. First’s Clinical solutions team has the technical expertise to integrate and prepare EHR users for optimum internal and external benefit.
  2. Ambulatory
    As more care is delivered through ambulatory channels, understanding the dynamic between acute facilities and how EHR’s can streamline workflows to create an improved patient experience while reducing redundancy is a hallmark of our advisors. First is well versed in leading ambulatory platforms and how to maximize their efficiency.
  3. Inpatient
    Most major EHR platform’s can accommodate acute patients in a historical, present and predictive manner. First is well versed in understanding how to streamline the massive amount of information available to clinicians in a way that save time and aims to reduce errors.
  4. Industry Challenges
    First advisors come equipped with strong EHR and health enterprise knowledge. Marrying that with an awareness of the challenges health organizations face is imperative. MACRA, analytics, security, time constraints are ever more issues collide to challenge the success of maintaining an EHR and our team comes prepared to address these barriers.
  5. Regulatory
    First incorporates regulatory requirements such as MACRA and MIPS into our methodologies and FirstTRAK optimization approaches. We are constantly looking forward in understanding how future regulation may impact the service we provide to our clients and how our advisors prepare for the new models of health management.
  6. Departments
    First’s Clinical advisors bring highly specialized EHR expertise to our clients, covering all core inpatient, ambulatory and revenue cycle department modules. Our experience and partnerships with major EHR vendor’s allows us to be involved in the newest releases, code upgrades and showcase accounts.

Clinical Program, Project Managers & Training Expertise
First’s Clinical program managers, project managers and training experts provide all of our business units with expertise and certifications in each of our core practice areas. We have highly engaged PM’s able to address large scale or focused outcome-based efforts within or beyond the EHR platform.