White Paper: Do Your 2024 Cyber Resolutions Match the Current Healthcare Threat Landscape?

In 2023, the healthcare sector endured some of the most widespread cyberattacks and massive data breaches seen in the last decade. Across the country, provider organizations faced record-breaking compromises and severe month-long outages, alongside a rise in third-party compromises and vulnerability exploits.

State and federal regulators are taking notice and adjusting baseline cybersecurity standards and HHS dropped the Health and Public Health (HPH) Sector Cyber Performance Goals to address longstanding gaps in cyber resiliency and resource challenges. To address these changes, many organizations are shifting their ‘Cyber Resolutions’ or key cyber priorities for the year. But do these cyber resolutions meet the current threat landscape and policy changes expected in 2024?

The “2023 Wrapped: Do Your 2024 Cyber Resolutions Match the Current Healthcare Threat Landscape?” White Paper presents data from 2023 alongside recommendations for cyber strategy and governance for 2024. The paper also includes the results of our 2024 Cyber Resolutions survey. These analytics shed light on the incidents that shook the industry in 2023 and provide context for the upcoming policy changes that may shift the expectations of priorities for your organization in the coming year.