First Health Welcomes Industry-Leading Strategic Advisory Board Members

First Health Advisory is pleased to officially announce the launch of our Strategic Advisory Board.

Our inaugural board includes Lisa Gallagher,  Mac McMillan, Major General Elder Granger, MD (retired), CEO and president of The 5Ps; Drex DeFord, former executive healthcare strategist at CrowdStrike; Mike Loria, managing director of Height of Land Strategies; and M.K. Palmore, cybersecurity director of Google Cloud’s Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.

These healthcare industry thought leaders, executives, and advocates will support First Health’s vision for securing digital healthcare and protecting patient safety, at scale, is executed with clear objective and purpose.

Each of these leaders hold decades of healthcare, technology, and cybersecurity experience. Their breadth of knowledge and perspectives will provide tremendous benefit to First Health and the clients we serve. The board will guide First Health after an accelerated growth trajectory in 2023 and the restructuring of leadership and realignment of business units that reflect the digital innovation trends in the healthcare sector.

“The addition of the Strategic Advisory Board will further bolster First Health’s positioning as the most experienced security and digital efficiency consultants in healthcare,” said Carter Groome, First Health Advisory CEO. “I’m in awe of the individuals that have graciously agreed to affiliate their reputations with First Health’s future.”

“Accepting the invitation to join the First Health Strategic Advisory Board was easy for several reasons, but primary among them is Carter Groome, who I believe really gets the mission of supporting healthcare cybersecurity and through First Health is trying to get the job done right,” said McMillan. “I’m looking forward to contributing alongside this amazing group of leaders he has pulled together, many of whom have also dedicated a great deal of their professional lives to this calling of securing healthcare.”

Read more about these leaders from the wire here: First Health Advisory Adds Distinguished Board to Pilot Cyber Health Growth (