White Paper: Securing the Connected Hospital by Matt Dimino, CSO of Clinical & Operational Security & Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are critical elements of healthcare delivery. These devices provide accurate and reliable data while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. However, many organizations struggle to create a systematic approach for accelerating device adoption due to the complex interdependence of devices, software, applications, care systems, and services. Adopting intelligent technologies and streaming digital health data could have unintended consequences, including side-stepping standard security and privacy requirements. In addition, the coexistence of thousands of managed and unmanaged (possibly, unidentified) devices within a health system’s care environment poses known and unknown risks, including cyber-attacks that could impede care during critical care moments. 


Matt’s 17 years of experience in clinical, HTM/BioMed, security, and healthcare leadership roles bring unique depth to delivering leading cybersecurity practice in the healthcare setting. As First Health Advisory’s Chief Security Officer of Clinical and Operational Technology, Matt Dimino, MBA, CISM, CRISC, seeks to help healthcare systems of every model and size to recognize and prepare for the ever-changing IoMT cyber threat landscape. In his white paper, Securing the Connected Hospital: Managing the Hidden Risks of Business-Critical, Patient-Focused Assets, Matt divides and classifies his years of insights into easily digestible categories and processes. After reading this comprehensive approach to medical device security, you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a master’s class on the subject.