An Innovative Approach to Connected Device Risk Management: A First Health and Forescout Partnership

Join us on October 20th at 11 am EST for An Innovative Approach to Connected Device Risk Management! Our CSO of Clinical & Operational Technology, Matt Dimino will be going live with VP of Global Healthcare at Forescout, Tamer Baker to discuss an innovative approach to asset risk management that uses visibility and automation to collect data, mitigate, and reduce risks for healthcare systems.

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Advancements in technology-enabled healthcare have led to explosive growth in the interconnectivity of IoT, OT, IT, and medical devices, increasing the attack surface and vulnerability of critical-care systems. As digital systems, devices, and data continue to support this increasingly borderless healthcare environment, healthcare entities will require highly skilled expertise to operationalize programs, execute ongoing device assessments, and enable complete visibility across their digital terrain. The First Health and Forescout partnership takes an innovative approach to connected device risk management by automating the technical data collection, mitigation, and risk reduction measures for a healthcare system’s entire connected asset ecosystem. Tune in to find out how this innovative partnership can enable complete visibility and control over your healthcare enterprise system for a more secure future.


This will be an interactive discussion where participants will have a chance to ask questions!

For more information or to set up an appointment with one of our CSOs contact the First Health team at [email protected]!