Winning Strategies for Medical Device Lifecycle Management and Security

August 10th at 2 pm EST, our CSO of Clinical & Operational Technology, Matt Dimino will be discussing the security and management of connected medical devices for TechNation’s Webinar Wednesdays!

Visit the TechNation site to learn more and register for the event:

Managing and securing connected medical devices in healthcare delivery organizations has never been more critical. These devices are fundamental to patient care, but are proliferating, often run outdated operating systems, and are not designed with security in mind. As a result, HTM and clinical engineering teams struggle with delivering operational efficiencies while creating a safer environment of care.

What are proven tactics and strategies for medical device lifecycle management and security? Matt is going live with Benjamin Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Development at Ordr Inc. to dive into the current state of medical device maintenance and maturity. They’ll be sharing best practices from years of working with leading healthcare delivery organizations. Tune in to learn more about developing a healthcare security maturity model and building the framework for the creation of a medical device security program, coupled with technology that can accelerate the move towards a safely connected clinical environment.

If you’re continuing your education, this webinar is eligible for 1 credit from the ACI!