Congrats to Our 2022 CyberHealth Interns

Every year, from April 19th to May 19th, the First Health team asks students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program to send in their resumes for the chance to earn a place in our CyberHealth Internship Program. The program is designed to give students exposure and hands-on experience with healthcare security industry leaders. Now heading into the third week of June, we are less than a week from the kick-off of the 2-month program. It is for that reason that we are congratulating Justine Hoang and William Owusu-Ansah for making it in!

The First Health team has selected Justine and William for their exceptional performance in their academic ventures. We are thrilled to have such bright individuals apprenticing with our healthcare security subject matter experts. Each week of the program they will learn from our First Health team members in varying security roles. They will receive professional/career guidance from subject matter experts, receive hands-on experience with security tools/software, and attend virtual seminars with valuable information about the industry.

Getting to support the next generation of Cyber Health leaders is an honor. Due to the sensitive nature of the industry, it’s not every day that we get to share our experience and knowledge with others. Lending our time and efforts to upcoming professionals inspires us to keep advancing toward more efficient and secure processes. It also gives us a chance to take on new perspectives so we can innovate and prepare for the next wave of healthcare security challenges. We look forward to getting to know our interns and giving them a strong foundation for their careers.